COVID-19 Guidance

  1. Please do NOT attend your dancing class if you have any Covid-19 symptoms.  This also applies if a member of your family has any symptoms or you have been advised by NHS Track & Trace to self-isolate.
  2. Please make sure your child/children have hand gel with them, as they will need to wash their hands more often.  e.g. before and after class and after using the toilet.
  3. It would also be helpful if they have tissues with them.  Catch it, bin it, kill it.
  4.  Please make sure your child/children have their own named drink bottle of water with them and also, if required, a towel or mat for any floor exercises.  
  5. Please arrive ready for your dancing class and have the correct footwear. Bare feet are NOT allowed.
  6. We have been advised by the venues we are hiring, that pupils are dropped off at the venue and then picked-up.  Parents are NOT allowed to stay on the premises.
  7.  When entering any of the venues we are using, a face mask MUST be worn by those 11 years and over. 
  8. Please respect any one-way system that has been put in place by any venue we are using.  It is imperative that we stick to the strict one-way in and one-way out for everyone’s safety.
  9. Please adhere to the social distancing rules when arriving and leaving the venue.  Some venues will have tape placed on the floor in 2 metre squares in the studio so pupils are aware of their own personal space.  
  10. Timetables will have to be adjusted to accommodate cleaning of touched surfaces with antibacterial cleaner and antibacterial wipes. E.g.ballet barres, door handles etc. Please bear with us while these   important measures are put into place. 
  11. Should any child exhibit any signs of Covid-19 during their lesson, the class will be immediately suspended and all parents contacted to come and collect their child.  Track and Trace will then be put into action. Any remaining classes for that evening will be cancelled.  
  12. Should any teacher exhibit any signs of Covid-19 during their teaching hours, the class and any consequent classes will be cancelled immediately.  Parents will be contacted to come and collect their child and Track and Trace will then be put into action
  13. Can parents of younger children (3-5 years), please make sure that they go to the toilet before their class as there will not be the opportunity for any adult to take them to the toilet during class.  Thank you.