Class Fees

Fees are due within the first two weeks of term. There is a charge of £5 for payments after this time. A £5 reduction applies for siblings, and concessions. Total fees are reduced by £2.50 if taking more than one genre (eg Tap and Modern) with a further £2.50 discount if all three genres are taken.  Unpaid cheques are charged £5.

There is a £10 Registration Fee which is paid once only.

The prices below are for a 12 lesson term.

Tap and Modern Fees

  • Beginners Tap/Modern                            £56.00
  • Primary Tap/Modern (1/2 hour class)   £61.00
  • Grade 1 Tap/Modern (1/2 hour class)   £66.00
  • Grade 2 Tap/Modern                                £68.00
  • Grade 3 Tap/Modern                                £73.00
  • Grade 4 Tap/Modern                                £75.00
  • Grade 5 Tap/Modern                                £78.00
  • Grade 6 Tap/Modern                                £80.00
  • Interfoundation Modern                         £83.00
  • Intermediate Tap/Modern (3/4 hour)    £83.00
  • Adult Tap                                                     £6.00 per week and £5.00 per week (3/4 hour class)

Extra coaching is available to prepare students for their examinations.

Ballet Fees

Please contact us for current fees

Please note:

A half term’s notice is required or a half term’s fees in lieu of notice, if a child wishes to discontinue classes.  The only exception is at the end of the Summer Term when understandably the period until the start of the Autumn Term is distant. For that reason the end of the Summer Term is sufficient.