Using Zoom

To be involved you will need to download the Zoom app:

The larger the device you use, the better the view for the students to follow.   Once downloaded you can add us using the correct user name for your class: (for Lisa), (for Maria) and (for Jean).   In “settings” you will have to allow microphone and video use to fully participate in the class.   You will be able to see me, and each other. For larger classes it’s best to ‘mute’ your microphones, so you can hear me, but not each other. You can unmute yourself if you need to ask questions etc.   For each session, you will be invited to join a ‘meeting’ via email, or via the app if you have added us as a contact or I will send you details of the meeting number to join. You will need to click on ‘Join’ then add ‘Meeting ID’. Zoom limits us to 40 minutes for each session.   Please note the following rules for online classes:

  • Students must have safe appropriate space around them ensuring no obstacles are in the dance area, leads tucked away etc (obviously we won’t be doing much travelling movements but please do your own risk assessment).
  • Although parents must be in close proximity for under 16’s to ensure the child’s safety and to check your child can view the class please stay at the side of the dancing area. This allows  easier correction if I can only see one person in each screen and avoids confusion with who is talking.
  • Students must be wearing acceptable clothing and shoes.
  • All classes will be for Carol Allen students only